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Book Review: Forbidden Temptation by R.L. Kenderson (Forbidden, Book #3) Kindle book

51FRvg6qQOL._SY346_To say they had a complicated past would be an understatement.

Human, Mackenzie (Kenzie) Swanson, and cat shapeshifter, Sawyer Lennar, were kidnapped by mistake and were able to escape their kidnappers and hide out for a while.  Sawyer hated humans so when he got amnesia from a blow to the head and his personality changed for the better, Kenzie was grateful for small favors.  In the past, he was downright cruel to her, but now he was sweet and accommodating.  How long would this last, why did he hate humans so much and why did she let him mark her?

Cat shapeshifter and female sentinel, Phoenix Kaplan, was drawn to vampire and Guardian, Dante Leonidas, after he saved her from a dire situation.  He had once fed from her which had embarrassingly resulted in her first ever orgasm.  She was a she-cat and seemed to not like sex, but he would die before letting her get hurt.  Why does a vampire make her feel so safe?

Vampire and Guardian, Lexine Harlow, didn’t understand why Dante liked a shifter who dressed like a homeless man and had a surly attitude.  She had been in love with him for five years.  She disliked the cat-shifter, and she deserved to be with Dante.  Will her new friends help her make her wish come true?

This is story three from Kenderson’s Forbidden series and even though I haven’t read the first two stories in the series, this one stands on its own.  The humans, cat-shifters and vampires are well-developed, interesting and sexy characters. It was an all night read for me which is a great compliment to this book.  A definite must read, and I plan to read the other stories in the series!

Thank you to Ms. Kenderson and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to review this book.




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Book review: Sunshine by Robin McKinley (9780142411100)

2347c307062eb5f593233375477434d414f4141This is not one of your typical vampire books. In fact, it is more about Rae “Sunshine” Seddons, a young baker, who happens to get thrown into a situation where she actually saves a vampire named Constantine by using an unlikely power of her own…sunlight. The pairing is surprising and their friendship and what the consequences mean are written in a way that is clear and interesting to the reader.

I read a lot of books and many of them don’t surprise me like this one did. That is what made this novel a joy to discover.

I want to thank my friend Annie who let me borrow this book. She truly has good taste in authors.

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