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#BookReview: Vanishing Point, a Nikki Boyd Novel by Lisa Harris @AuthorLisaHarris

51KL15Xg44LSpecial Agent Garrett Addison is a criminal investigator for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) and his first case is tracking a serial killer named the Angel Abductor with the help of his former love of his life, Jordan.

Special Agent Jordan Lambert is a criminal profiler from the FBI and is called in to help the TBI with their investigation of a serial killer who is murdering young girls.  She is happy to be coming home, but she doesn’t need the added distraction of Garrett in her life.

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Book review: The Stranger You Seek by Amanda Kyle Williams (9780553808070)

Keye Street is a recovering alcoholic, former behavioral specialist for the FBI and currently a private detective including a process server and bail recovery agent in Atlanta, Georgia. Needless to say, her job is very unpredictable at best and currently the infamous Wishbone Killer has a personal connection with her.  Street’s friend and confidant, Lieutenant Aaron Rauser, is in charge of the Wishbone Killer case and is concerned about Keye’s safety and welfare.  Especially when it is suspected that the killer may know her better than she thinks.

The events are a bit predictable, but the characters are interesting enough to keep the storyline moving.  Will Keye Street solve the case before it’s too late and will the killer be someone she cares about?  You’ll have to read it and see.

Thank you to Amanda Kyle Williams, Random House Publishing Group and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to review this book.

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Book review: Heartsick by Chelsea Cain (0312368461)

This book pulls you in from the very first chapter which is a flashback of a female serial killer torturing one of her victims. The victim happens to be Archie Sheridan, a homicide detective who has been called back to duty after recovering from his harrowing experience two years before. He is put in charge to investigate another series of murders in Portland, Oregon, but is he up to it? He is addicted to pain killers, he is separated from his family. and he has an unnatural bound with his torturer, Gretchen Lowell who is now in prison and meets with him every Sunday to give him information on the 200+ victims she allegedly killed.

Susan Ward is assigned to write a story on Archie Sheridan and the recent serial murders of several high school girls. She is young, ambitious and had a rough childhood. Can she handle the unhappy memories while returning to her old high school where some of the murders have occurred?

This is an action-packed thriller that keeps you guessing to the end. The flashbacks of Archie Sheridan’s torture are terrifying and something you want to stop reading, but you just can’t. The female serial killer is an interesting premise and I look forward to finding out how Ms. Cain carries Gretchen Lowell over into her other books.

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