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Book Review: Way of the Wolf: Straight Line Selling- Master the Art of Persuasion, Influence, and Success by Jordan Belfort (Kindle book)

51pSCI+uD8L._SY346_Bestselling author of “The Wolf of Wall Street”, Jordan Belfort, shares step-by-step instructions on using his very successful Straight Line System for any business, industry and even your personal life.  He notes that you do not have to be in sales to use this system.  You can use it from selling your great qualities in a job interview to selling anyone on a great idea.

He teaches one how to use the Three Tens to influence a customer.  He discusses the five core elements of the Straight Line System and notes the three things that “absolutely must come across in the first four seconds of an encounter with a customer”.  There are many other great factors to consider of which he includes examples and links to his website.

You may be thinking, “Why would I want to read this really dry subject material?  I’m not in sales.”  I admit I thought the same thing when I began, but Mr. Belfort’s writing, practical examples and great stories really move this book along, and I found myself thinking of ways to use various tips in my professional and personal life.  As one who has not watched the movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, I was able to form my own opinion of Mr. Belfort’s style and persona, and I can understand why he is so successful.    I wholeheartedly recommend this self-help guide to selling pretty much anything you want.

Thank you to Mr. Belfort, North Star Way, and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to review this book!


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Book Review: Silver Hair: Say Goodbye to the Dye and Let Your Natural Light Shine: A Handbook by Lorraine Massey (Author), Michele Bender (Contributor) 9780761189299

61T+VUlg-ZL._SX410_BO1,204,203,200_Silver is the new black, blonde and brown… From the author of Curly Girl, Silver Hair,comes a guide to letting your hair go silver.  Massey, a hairstylist for three decades, includes testimonials and pictures from herself and from women of various ages who decided to bite the bullet and let their hair go natural.  Her message to those who want do it is to “embrace your natural hair and do it for you and no one else”.  One myth is that silver hair will age you or look unprofessional.  She says that as long as you take care of your hair and yourself you will look great.  In fact, she has many women who go silver who never go back to dying their hair again.  She also suggests some hair products and home remedies to make that transition easier from dyed to silver and to keep your hair in good condition.

As a convert myself at 54 years old (see below), I agree completely with the advice she provides in this great handbook.13718699_1747532852172825_8084721219978446168_n  I have received so many compliments on my silver hair and wish I had started sooner.  It is true that the texture of your hair will change so you will need to change the hair products you use.  I also found that I had to change my makeup and clothing colors as well because my hair color was so much lighter. Ms. Massey discusses this in the book also.  My advice to you is to take a chance.  Every person is different and every hair color is different, but I promise you will welcome not having to pay to dye your hair again and that you will love the results!

Thank you to Ms. Massey, Workman Publishing Company, and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to review this book.


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Book review: Learn French with Stories for Beginners Volume 2 by Frederic Bibard (eBook w/MP3 audiofiles)

THUMBNAIL_IMAGEI took two years of French in high school 30+ years ago and wanted to brush up on it for a trip to Quebec, Canada, this summer. After reading Mr. Bibard’s book, I found it easy and practical to use and also found the audio files to be especially helpful.

I was able to pick up the language again after so many years of not using it by using the short stories and new vocabulary words highlighted in each of them. I especially found the audio files to be most helpful since I will be speaking more with people face to face instead of reading the written word. The audio files were easy to download from both my PC and my Amazon Android App and the files were very clear and audible.

If that wasn’t enough, I also found a link (http://www.talkinfrench.com/french-free-package) to a free French learning package in my eBook that has a collection of free resources that will help me learn French must faster, and Mr. Bibard also has a Facebook page at http://facebook.com/talkinfrench with tips and information about interesting French topics such as French cuisine and of course, more new French vocabulary words.

In all, I hope to become more fluent in French before I leave for Canada in late July and I think this tool will assist me significantly in that goal.

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Book review: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (9780143038412)

Liz Gilbert’s life was a mess. She wanted a divorce, she fought off and on with her lover and she just wanted to go away. And go away she did to the three I’s. Italy, India and Indonesia. She found food and friends in Italy. She found the love of God in an Ashram in India and she found herself in Bali, Indonesia.

Liz’s brave narrative is humorous and very informative. I found her descriptions of various meditations and the histories of the countries she visited to be very interesting. The people she met on her journey are friends for life and gave her very wise advice. I envy her guts to take off to the unknown and spend a year abroad. I wish I had the means to do that myself.

A good summer read.

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