Book review: Ravished by a Highlander by Paula Quinn (9781441774972, Audiobook)

Davina Montgomery is a lovely and caring woman and has a dangerous secret.  She is the eldest daughter of King James of England and has been cloistered away in St. Christopher’s Abbey all of her life.  Men close to the King have found out her hiding place and have sent an army to kill her.

Robert MacGregor is a rugged and brave highlander who happened to save Davina from a massacre at the Abbey and now no one will get in his way to protect her, not even the King.

Davina and Robert’s story is about obligation, sacrifice and most of all a love that knows no bounds.  They typically butt heads in the beginning, but realize the strength and beauty of each other and fall in love.

I liked the story, but not a lot.  I guess I am jaded in that I have read many highlander romances and found this one lacking the conflict between lovers that I like so much.  I felt that they fell in love too fast for my taste.  Perhaps it was also the narrator’s voice, Carrington MacDuffie, that I couldn’t quite get used to.  However, I liked the supporting characters, Finn and Will, and would enjoy reading their stories in the Children of the Mist series.


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