Book review: Running Around (And Such) by Linda Byler (9781561486885)

I am a big fan of young adult and Christian fiction and was excited about reading Ms. Byler’s debut novel. However, I found the book to be choppy and slow to get to the meaning of the book title, running around. It wasn’t until most of the way through the book that the main character, Lizzie, spoke about the concept.

Personally, I did not like the main character, Lizzie, one of five Amish children, who seemed much more immature than her younger siblings. Her whining and “whoa is me” tones about her life in a new community were nerve racking and I just wanted the author to get on with the story.

Unfortunately, I found the story to be disappointing due to the main character and how it skipped months at a time between chapters and did not have a nice flow.  I will probably not read the next book in the series where I hope Lizzie starts acting more mature.

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