Book review: Betrayed by Claire Robyns (9781426890314)

Amber Jardin is young, foolish, headstrong and ripe for someone to tame her fiery temper.  She had no kin left other than her uncle who despised her and wanted to marry her off to the nearest ruffian to get rid of her.  As she tries to save her friend from sure death, she is kidnapped by Krayne Johnstone, “The Grey Wolf”, and held for ransom.

Krayne is known for his victories in battle and his hard resolve to punish Amber for being his enemy, but destiny brings them together for better or worse and boy, do the sparks fly!

Ms. Robyns leaves no prisoners with this action-packed romance.  I am a big fan of highlander romances and this one did not disappoint.

Thank you to Ms. Robyns, Carina Press and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to review this ebook.



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2 responses to “Book review: Betrayed by Claire Robyns (9781426890314)

  1. Leonie Anderson

    Claire Robyns’ debut novel, ‘Betrayed’, is a brilliant read! I’m a big fan of Highlander romances, and this book certainly delivers; it’s everything a good historical romance should be: fast-paced, action-packed, emotionally intense, and steamy-hot! This is an author whose progress I’ll definitely be following with avid interest in the future!


  2. I’ve read this story too and I think your review is succinct and accurate – it is a “take-no-prisoners” story and I thoroughly enjoyed the read.


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