Book Review: Lovers and Gamblers by Jackie Collins (9780446356602)


This is a reissue of the 1977 edition.

Al King is a rock singer and selfish stud extraordinaire. His brother and manager, Paul King, gets Al whatever he wants and boy does he want a lot.

Dallas is a former hooker gone beauty queen/actress. Everyone wants a piece of her and she plays hardball like the best of them.

Al and Dallas are destined to get together, but you have to wade through many pages to get there.

The other characters are thrown in for good measure.

As usual Jackie Collins gives us sex, drugs and rock and roll in the Hollywood/rock scene. It’s been years since I read a Collins book and forgot how baudy and brash they were. Be that as it may, I couldn’t put it down.

If you want a wild read, this one’s for you!!


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